Finished interior. Doesn't look a lot different from original, but almost every part has been changed in some way. New laminated worktops, new middle section of units, new storage cupboards to rear (much more efficient than original boxes). Moved the seat back about 10 inches and added "Bob Davidson" extension panel to front of seat which folds up level with seat when bed is extended. Original bed was about 12 inches too short. My TV/monitor was hidden behind the panel above the stove and my full PC was in the unit under the stove in a horizontal desktop case. With all of the drawers and the cover closed nobody would ever guess there was a PC and monitor hidden there. In the unit under the pc I also had a topfield TF4000 PVR which is a hard drive video recorder and satellite reciever. This has two inputs and I had a 120cm satellite dish with twin LNB so I could record one station while watching another. In the Algarve you need a larger diameter dish to receive british shows like BBC3. The satellite dish was very big and only just fitted in the back of the campervan when driving so every time I stopped, I had to take the dish out first to get in. I had a few regular spots that I parked at and I knew roughly the direction of the satellite so I could get a signal pretty quickly by just moving the dish around slightly. I would normally have the dish mount sitting on some sand which could be moved easily, then it would stay in position once I had a good signal.
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