Monitor/Tv cover opened using magnets to keep the cover opened and closed. This was a goodmans LD1501 which was not too common at that time being a TV and computer monitor combined with a 15 inch screen. It runs off 12 volts so I could power it from my leisure batteries though I ended up mostly using a petrol generator. I arranged the bedding/seating to have a seat directly opposite the monitor so I could use my steering wheel and pedals to play racing car games. You can see that seat in the image on the monitor which is a photo taken from the same spot but looking down. On the left you can see my tascam usb recording interface which I used to record all of my gigs, but I could also record music in the campervan and burn cds to help get gigs. I ended up with masses of storage, but as usual it soon fills up. I don't know if I'd advise anyone else to do this (hi top anyway), it was loads of hard work and took me about 2 months solid, working from the morning till late at night 7 days a week. I had to lift the roof on and off about 10 times till it fitted. I set myself a target date to head off to France/Spain/Portugal and ended up having to stop working and concentrate on the van full time. It's good having everything set out the way you want it though. The right amount of storage space, everything in it's right place. The 40 hi top ended up costing a lot more if I count tiger seal, metal panels, paint, cutting wheels e.t.c. I was lucky to get almost all of the wood (including the worktops) and carpet for free from Dave Denovan who has his own building business(cheers Dave).
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