June 2022 issue. A photo I took myself was used in the readers lives section.

It is mentioned as "was years ahead of its time" as the editor Nik Samson remembers it from the 90s (It wasn't in Bsh back then, but he must have seen it in other magazines or at shows).

They call it a supermoto, but I prefer to call it a customised road bike based on a motocrosser as, when I first put alloys on it in the 90s, I hadn't seen a motocrosser with alloys before.

When I decided to customise it for the Kent custom bike show my intention was to make it unique and different and more like a proper road bike with indicators etc.

The last thing on my mind was making it fit into any kind of category and I have carried on that way of thinking in the recent re-customisation.

(I mention more about this in the first few paragraphs on my KX info page). I didn't have the internet back then and didn't buy motorbike magazines or go to shows.

They mistakenly mentioned it had a rear view camera instead of a television, but they mention it as very, very mad which it is.

2023 UPDATE : Nik the Bsh editor was at the Scottish motorcycle show in March and I spoke to him at the end of the show. I mentioned how the mag had said it had a reversing camera and he said he thought it did now and thought it had one in the 90s.

I told him it has always had a TV and that the Superbike article in the 90s was called "TV quick". I then showed him the TV and freeview receiver working.

He has been bombarded with bikes his whole life from people wanting to be in the magazine so it's impossible for him to remember details of every bike.

I always thought he might be a scary biker gang type person but he's a nice guy.